Gladbrook, Iowa

Dennis Gienger I Choose Stine

Dennis is a strong believer in Stine’s soybean research and technology.


Gladbrook Iowa

Hard work and long hours are the norm for most farmers during the planting and harvest seasons, but Stine grower Dennis Gienger wouldn’t have it any other way on his 2,000-acre corn and soybean farm near Gladbrook, Iowa.

“I love my job, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it as long as I have.”

And at Stine, we’re happy Dennis chose this career path. For the past decade, Dennis has been a Stine grower, and in 2016, he will be transitioning 100 percent of his soybean acres to Stine.

“Stine has more research in the soybean industry than anybody, and I strongly believe in the technology and what they are doing.”

Dennis Gienger

Among Dennis’ passion for agriculture is his belief in the LibertyLink® soybean system, which he’s planted exclusively for the past seven years.

“When I first started hearing the problem with Roundup–resistant weeds, we moved away from Roundup® and went to Liberty®. We were probably some of the first ones to do that here. People would drive by in the summer time and ask, ‘Why do your beans look so good? Why do they look so clean?’ You know, I guess you can blame Stine for that and LibertyLink — it’s a good product.”

Dennis has also seen improvements in his corn yields by testing Stine® HP Corn® hybrids in 20-inch rows, and notes they’re beating the competition by 5–10 bushels per acre.

“I think you’re going to see the biggest change in the next 5–15 years with HP Corn® and high population changing the industry. Our yields have got to keep going up to feed the world. There’s no doubt about it.”

When asked why he chooses Stine, Dennis responded, “I Choose Stine because they have proven yield, and they do a good job — they fit my operation. And the company is a good company to work with.”

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