Stine Has Yield

Stine Seed Company was built on a foundation of science, independence and choice — an unparalleled combination when it comes to what you want in a seed company. Our proven leadership in soybean genetics and revolutionary approach to high-performance corn ensures that every day, every season, we deliver on the Stine Has Yield promise.

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With the United States’ largest private soybean breeding program and the industry’s most aggressive corn research, Stine is in a class of its own when it comes to developing new, higher-performing seed.

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Choosing the best options for your field along with the right management practices to get the most out of your investment is easy with Stine’s agronomic tools and resources.

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HP Corn®

The future of corn farming includes a day when growers consistently average 300 — or even 400 — bushels per acre. Stine is investing in the research to make it a reality.

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