Genetics Lab

It’s All About the Genetics

Great traits mean nothing without high-yielding germplasm, and when it comes to genetics, Stine is the industry leader. We have the largest proprietary soybean and corn breeding programs in the United States, which means we test and evaluate more genetically different lines than any other seed company. In fact, we operate with the knowledge that breeding is a numbers game — the more material you look at, the better your chances of finding the very best.

At some companies, marker-assisted selection is the top priority, with claims that it helps focus efforts and allows for looking at fewer combinations. We agree that markers are helpful when you’re looking at known genetic sequences to try and predict future corn hybrids and soybean varieties. But at Stine, what we’re hunting for is the unknown. The brand new. The genetic combinations that are truly superior and that the world has never seen before.

With this kind of laser-sharp focus on genetics, it’s no surprise that a substantial portion of all soybeans planted in the United States are developed by Stine. Thanks to our highly experienced veteran breeders, we get newer, higher-yielding genetics to market faster and more efficiently while consistently outperforming competitors in yield trials.