Soybean Breeding Program

Superior Soybean Breeding

If you’re a soybean grower, chances are, you’ve planted soybeans that originated with Stine. A majority of the soybean genetics planted in the United States today start with us — a testament to our outstanding breeding program.

To overcome the seasonal limitations in Iowa, Stine relies on winter research in Florida and testing in Argentina, through a process called fast generation breeding.

The process begins when the parent seed is cross-pollinated at the primary breeding facility in Adel, Iowa, and then sent to Stine Seed’s Florida nursery for off-season production.

Seeds from Adel are planted in early-October, and the first generation is harvested between late-January and early-February. Seeds from the highest-yielding plants are then re-planted for another generation advance. One pod is selected from each plant and sent back to Adel.

To ensure only the highest-yielding varieties carry the Stine Seed name, the company spends more than six-years breeding and testing their soybean lines. The breeding program hand pollinates 60,000 soybean plants every year, searching for the best varieties.

When the third generation is harvested in May, one pod is picked from each plant in the row and tested for genetic markers. If the seed carries the desired gene, for example: cyst resistance or herbicide tolerance, it remains in the breeding program.

The top five-ten percent of varieties are selected to enter pre-Elite trials and are sent to test locations across the United States for two growing seasons.

The top five percent of the pre-Elite varieties enter Stine’s Elite Yield Trials for two more years of intensive testing where they are monitored for maturity, yield and standability.

Stine plots in Argentina are used for five acre increase yield trials where the varieties are continually monitored for higher yields and superior standability in narrow rows.

Varieties that perform well across multiple locations and multiple years are approved for commercial production.

Better Breeding, Better Yields

At Stine, we take pride in our status as one of the most respected corn and soybean companies in the industry. Our breeding programs are renowned for their excellence, and we stand behind every bag of our seed with confidence because we know how much research, time and energy went into producing it.