Mark  Johnson

Mark Johnson

Technical Agronomist

Joined Stine Seed Company 2023

Born and raised on a family farm in west Tennessee, Mark Johnson understands the intricacies of row crop production. He has a B.A. in agriculture and production management from the University of Tennessee. Mark is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of agronomy with Stine sales team members and their growers. As a technical agronomist, he will evaluate products coming out of Stine’s breeding and research program before they go commercial and provide agronomic support to our team of RSAs and ISRs in the south-central United States.

Mark currently resides in Pleasantville, Iowa, with his wife, Janea, and daughter, Joelle. In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing “chauffeur” to his daughter as she travels the high school rodeo circuit and to and from basketball games. He’s also in the process of remodeling his family farmhouse in Parsons, Tennessee.