• Stine® Harvest Roundup Part 1

    Stine® Harvest Roundup Part 1

    November 02, 2023

    Posted by Stine Seed in Harvest

    According to the Oct. 30, 2023, Crop Progress Report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, of the 18 states that harvested 94% of the 2022 corn acreage, 71% have completed corn harvest. Of the 18 states that harvested 96% of the 2022 soybean acreage, 85% are finished with soybean harvest. As harvest nears completion for many regions within our sales territories, Stine® regional sales agronomists (RSAs) report outstanding yields and product performance across the board. Here’s what they have to say about harvest progress in their region.

    Dustin Ellis, Region 4 RSA (central Iowa)

    Soybean harvest has wrapped up in most of my area, and corn harvest is 80–90% complete. With the tough drought conditions most of my area experienced this year, yields were better than expected. I believe our growers started the season off right and planted into dry but good soil conditions. The dry weather allowed corn and soybeans to root down. This allowed the plants to capture the water and nutrients needed to get a good start. Through the season, we had little to no rain. However, with very timely rains combined with excellent Stine genetics, we saw some very good field averages for the year. Some of our key corn lines were Stine 9808E-G, MX710-G, MX709-20 and 9752-32. Key soybean lines in my area were Stine 19EE62, 21EE62, 23EE06, 25EG02 and 28EC32. 

    My grandfather was a wise man and always had a saying for when planting and growing seasons were dry, like this year. He’d say, “Plant in the dust, and the bins will bust!” I could not agree more but have one caveat … make sure it’s Stine seed!           

    Aaron Stockton, Region 9 RSA (southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas)

    Corn harvest in Region 9 is pretty well behind us at this point. Portions of Kansas and Missouri were hit by some very tough hot and dry conditions which led to most of the marginal acres being chopped for silage. The acres that were left or were in areas that received more timely rains ranged widely in yield but were, all in all, pretty good for the year. Stine 9818-32 and 9817-30 were standouts in our area this year. 

    We are currently in the middle of soybean harvest, and yields are better than expected. The hot and dry weather did not do our beans any favors either. Where the weather was most extreme, we saw entire fields dying. Where the soil is deep or in fields that were able to hold moisture, we are seeing some fantastic yields. Stine 48EE20 and 49EE21 are both doing very well in the region currently. We are also very excited about the new G-series Enlist E3Ò lineup, as customer experiences with those products have been great this season. 

    Katie Lorenz, Region 21 RSA (North Dakota)

    North Dakota had a nice harvest run, and it’s fortunate because, presently, the entire state is covered in a blanket of snow. Without any precipitation forecasted in the next week, growers will have to bundle up to finish the remaining acres. Soybean harvest is at 90% complete, and corn is at 57% complete, behind 70% last year but ahead of the 52% average for this time of year. Soybeans were a mixed bag this year, depending on location and timely rains. The northern area was in a drought, but the new G-series still out-punched all the competition in yield and defensive strength. Stine 01EG23 stood out as top tier and even showed a record-breaking yield of 79 bushels/acre in the state's center. Other soybean standouts were the new Stine 06EG29 and 08EG62, both producing ceiling-shattering yields. The corn crop surprised growers most this year as yields were well received. The new Stine 9320-20 knocked it out of the park in northern and central North Dakota, while Stine MX302-G shined in the southern areas. New experimental hybrids are taking over the top plot slots and have the Stine sales squad more excited than ever to show off recent data to our elite customers for the 2024 season! Stine has yield!

    Michelle Nelson, Region 36 RSA (western and southern North Dakota)

    Most of the region was able to finish up soybean harvest just in time before the first snow hit us. The reports and feedback from growers have been very positive! Yields are coming in at average to above average. There is a lot of excitement for the new EG lines. Corn harvest is well underway across North Dakota. The western part of the state received more snow, so that has slowed things down a bit out there. We hope everyone will be able to wrap up in the next couple of weeks. 

    To learn how Stine’s corn and soybean products performed in your region this year, reach out to your local Stine sales rep or regional sales agronomist.