• Duracade Refuge Renew

Duracade Refuge Renew

Stine® Agrisure Duracade Refuge Renew brand corn is an all-in-one system for corn rootworm and corn borer control. Agrisure Duracade Refuge Renew also provides one of the industry’s most complete coverage options against ear-feeding insects.  

The Agrisure Duracade® trait expresses a protein that binds differently in the gut of corn rootworm than other corn rootworm traits, providing superior control against western, northern and Mexican corn rootworms while allowing the plant to develop a stronger root system. It’s also effective against the European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, black cutworm, beet armyworm, southern cornstalk borer, lesser cornstalk borer and sugarcane borer.

Agrisure Duracade Refuge Renew features tolerance to all forms of glyphosate, allowing growers to choose their preferred glyphosate brand herbicide to help combat weeds.

Features & Benefits

  • Developed by Syngenta.
  • Contains Agrisure Duracade trait technology.
  • Provides coverage against corn rootworm, corn borer and suppression of ear-feeding insects.
  • Expresses unique protein that binds differently in the gut of the corn rootworm.
  • Features stronger root systems for a healthier plant that stands all season long.
  • Features glyphosate tolerance.
  • Consult the 2022 Syngenta Stewardship Guide for refuge requirements.