Stine GT+

Stine® is building better corn faster with Stine GT+. Stine GT+ is derived from the same high-yielding genetics as Stine GT but with NK603 glyphosate resistance. Like all of our corn genetics, this unique material is developed to perform and deliver on our STINE HAS YIELD promise.  

Corn lines with the Stine GT trait are tolerant to glyphosate based herbicides applied either alone, or in combination with other herbicides. Always read and follow label directions.

Brand Compare
MX445-G E+
MX514-0 E+
MX808E-20 E+
8 9 9 9 8 8
8 8 7 7 8 7
  • 9: Excellent
  • 8: Very Good
  • 7: Good
  • 6: Average
  • 5: Below Average