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    Download the New Stine® Seed App

    September 09, 2021

    Posted by Stine Seed in Technology

    The path to higher yields is now at your fingertips. Stine delivers the app you need for success in the field. The Stine Seed App brings growers, dealers and sales reps the latest product information, field guidance, testimonials and more, all from the convenience of a smart device. Here’s what you can find in the app.

    Product information. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the Stine Seed App enables users to browse through our complete corn and soybean lineup for in-depth agronomic information on each product. It also enables users to access our all-new 2022 Stine Seed Catalog.

    Profitability calculators. Our corn and soybean calculators are designed to show users the REAL value of our seed. The interactive calculators let users calculate return on investment by comparing income per acre for Stine corn and soybeans and up to three additional competitors. 

    Ask the Agronomist Blog. Stine’s Ask the Agronomist Blog is an excellent resource for the latest information from our expert team, including advice and insight on field practices, product recommendations, planting and harvest updates, new technologies, crop management, innovative research and information about how to keep your farm operation running smoothly year-round.

    Stine Stories. Elite genetics. Industry-leading traits. Agronomic knowledge. Quality service. There are a number of reasons growers trust Stine as their corn and soybean seed company. Our Stine Stories page provides users with real-life testimonials directly from the source — Stine corn and soybean customers. 

    Join the path to higher yields. Download the Stine Seed App today from your Apple or Android device. Note: Some functionality requires an internet connection.


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    Introducing MX Series Corn by Stine®

    September 02, 2021

    Posted by Stine Seed in Products

    Stine® has what you want — more choice for your corn fields. Through one of the industry’s largest corn breeding programs, we’re able to develop more products that yield stronger results that are backed by years of data. We won’t sell a corn product if it doesn’t deliver on our STINE HAS YIELD promise, which is why we’re excited to launch the all-new MX Series Corn by Stine.

    The one-of-a-kind MX Series Corn contains our most robust seed package ever for fast starts, outstanding early-season vigor and season-long protection that results in maximum yield potential.

    We’re introducing 11 MX Series Corn products for the 2022 planting season, all of which contain either the Stine GT or Agrisure Viptera® 3110 trait packages. Hybrids range from an 88 to 90-day to a 113 to 115-day relative maturity option.

    MX Series Corn is the best of the best. In fact, in our Elite Yield Trials, MX Series Corn typically yielded 106 percent or higher of trial average, including one option that yielded 114 percent of trial average.

    In 2022, MX Series corn will only be available from select Stine corn representatives. While some of these lines are limited release and may not be available for select regions at this time, we’re excited for all our growers to learn more about these corn products of the future.

  • Visit Stine® at the 2021 Farm Progress Show

    Visit Stine® at the 2021 Farm Progress Show

    August 26, 2021

    Posted by Stine Seed in Stine News

    The 2021 Farm Progress Show is set to kick off next Tuesday, August 31, in Decatur, Illinois. Stine is excited to visit with guests in person to discuss all we have to offer for 2022. We’re also showcasing some new products and technologies. Here’s a list of everything to check out at our booth (1152).

    1. Our 2022 Stine Seed Catalog. Get an early start on selecting corn and soybean products for next year with our 2022 Stine Seed Catalog. We’ll have plenty of hard copies available at the show. Have one of our sales reps walk you through our extensive lineup of Enlist E3® soybeans and our high-yielding corn (both traited and conventional options), and be sure to ask about our Yield+ Advantage products and MX Series Corn by Stine.
    2. Our Farm Progress Show plot. Stine is fortunate to have one of two growing plots at this year’s Farm Progress Show. Our plot is located at Lot 1152 (near our booth) on the exhibit field. Tour the plot with one of our sales reps to see some of our Enlist E3 lines, including Stine 27EA23, 36EB32 and 40EB22. We’ll also have some of our top-yielding corn products on display, including Stine 9658-32, 9808E-20, 9709-G and MX514-20.
    3. The Stine ALMACO R2 Harvester. A featured element of Stine’s display at the Farm Progress Show this year is the Stine ALMACO R2 Harvester. Manufactured by ALMACO in Nevada, Iowa, and designed specifically with Stine in mind, this unique research harvester can be used with both corn and soybeans and make plot harvest faster and more efficient. In fact, R2 harvesters can switch between corn and soybean plots in just 15 minutes, and they have grain tank capacity that allows for more harvest time and less unloading time. With their twin-plot, independent-rotary technology, our fleet of harvesters (we have six), will allow us to harvest 1,000,000 soybean plots and 600,000 corn plots this fall. Check out this innovative technology at the show!
    4. Product and agronomic bulletins, hats, swag and more. As always, we’ll have a handful of informational materials and giveaways at this year’s show. From product and agronomic bulletins to our updated Stine hat and our tried-and-true Stine bags, stop by to see what’s new and stock up.
    1. Our expert team of sales reps and agronomists. Last (but not least), we’ll have plenty of sales reps and agronomists on hand each day of the show to answer any questions you have on our 2022 lineup and to chat all things agronomy. Our team is available year-round to ensure you have everything you need for success in the field.

    We look forward to seeing you in Decatur next week! Remember, you can find us at booth 1152.